Triplants Wholesale and Retail Nursery of Central NC


Green Landscaping


* The installation of more canopy trees, understory trees, shrubs, and groundcovers in the landscape decreases unnecessary lawn areas. This also produces more shade (cooling), oxygen, and diversity in the landscape. After 2 years of establishment there will be:

-little or no irrigation needed

-less maintanence

-less fertilizer or pesticides necessary

* The installation of deciduous canopy trees on the east and west side of buildings aids the cooling of buildings in the summer, and allows the heating of the buildings in the winter after leaf fall.

* The installation of edible landscaping and vegetable gardens cuts down on trips to the store.

* Diversifying our environment - through the use of a wide variety of native, uncommon native, and non-invasive introductions in the landscape - decreases our impact on the environment, and gives us a better quality of life.

- Wynn Dinnsen, Full of Life Farms






















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